About us
Daily Breath is founded on the belief that everyone has the ability to bring balance to their lives that will allow them to thrive in their truest purpose. We bring deeply energetic and powerful lineage based forms of Qigong (pronounced Chee-Gung) to individuals, small groups, and classes that initiates the process to bring balance to the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves. When the body, mind, and spirit are in balance we eliminate dis-ease in our life to become our best expression of ourselves.

We can help bring this shift within you whether being on the physical level by simply needing to stretch or more deeply, tonifying your body, or even looking to aide with weight loss.


We specialize in offering individual and small group instruction for all ages and levels in many different forms of Qigong that can be customized to meet you where you are, designed to work on your specific needs. Whether you are a beginner or have practiced for years we teach forms that all work to bring different aspects of ourselves into balance. When we are in balance we are able to heal ourselves and tap into new found energies, strength, focus, intelligence and joy for our lives.

Daily Breath is committed to bringing Qigong to as many people as possible and provides general classes to teach different forms for beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels.

If you are unable to make it in person no problem we offer video classes through Zoom.

We also have instructional videos for people that prefer to practice on their own.

Daily Breath