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Our mission

Daily Breath believes all individuals can create the wellness they deserve. The desire to take care of ourselves is the beginning of bringing balance into our lives. Daily breath utilizes the mindfulness techniques developed by Dr. Arnold Tayam and used at Stanford University Center for Integrative Medicine. We are honored to share lineage based teachings sourced in three distinct lines of Taoist masters.  


  • Dr. Arnold Tayam: (medical qi gong, taiji, qi gong movement and infinite bagua)
  • Master Hua Ching Ni (Cosmic Tour Bagua)-74th generation Taoist master.
  • Master Jeffrey Yuen 88th Generation Jade Purity Priest

Daily Breath specializes in private instruction to create customized teachings, movements and mentoring to optimize your complete wellness. 

Turn back time

Be in control of turning the hands of time back and begin to feel youthful, energized and vibrant again. Whether you endure the corporate world, compete in triathlons, stay at home with children, enjoy retirement, or wrapping up college, energy is the elixir of life, and with it all things are possible.  

Where to start

Call or text 512-574-0670 or email below to schedule your next secession!

What is Qi Gong


Qi Gong or Chi Kung (Life Force Cultivation) is a moving meditation with synchronized breathing that was created in China over 4000 years ago to prevent and cure illness, promote longevity, and balance the body, mind and spirit.

The Benefits of Qi Gong


With a mindful practice we can increase our overall energy and reduce stress in our lives by releasing and regulating emotions, strengthening our bodies from the inside out, and confidently set boundaries to create fair and equitable exchange of energy with the world.

Daily Practice


Whether we have unlimited time to practice or find ourselves only having 5 minutes here and there Daily is key to reprogramming our mind and conditioning our body for incremental change that will be sustainable and the foundation for our new beginning.

Preparing for Class


The best place to begin for preparing for class is to have lose comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely and not feel restricted. Comfortable shoes, socks or barefoot are all fine. Traditionally we don't use mats but if you prefer to have a mat please bring one. Drink plenty of water 24 hours before and after class.  Practicing medical qi gong can release stagnate energies and toxins residing in the body so drinking plenty of water is recommended for best health practices.  

What to expect in Class


Classes will begin with gentle warm ups to ready our body for practice. Followed by the specific treasure we will be learning for the class and end with a guided meditation. The nature of qi gong is soft, but I encourage all participants to find their range of motion and feel comfortable with all movements they perform. One can always choose not to perform any movement and know they will always be supported within the class. 


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